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First Name Last Name Agency Year of Death
Edwin Anderson Aroma Fire Protection District 1958
Robert Augustyn Cicero Fire Department 2001
Emil Barth Elgin Fire Department 1928
Sylvester Boyd Canton Fire Department 1902
Alexander Bremner Chicago Fire Department 1909
Christopher Brown Hudson Community Fire Protection District 2013
John Carroll Chicago Fire Department 1876
Robert Cox Springfield Fire Department 1945
Andrew Dwyer Chicago Fire Department 1898
Jesse Edwards Chicago Fire Department 1973
James English Chicago Fire Department 1921
William Folmar East Peoria Fire Department 1980
Scott Gillen Chicago Fire Department 2000
Frank Hohenadel Chicago Fire Department 1894
Joseph Home Chicago Fire Department 1888
Timothy Jansen Santa Fe Fire Protection District 2012
David Kenyon Chicago Fire Department 1884
Kenneth Lehr Medora Community Fire Protection District 2015
John Marnati Murphysboro Fire Department 1983
William McCullum Chicago Fire Department 1907
James Miller Sesser Fire Protection District 2007
Theodore Myhre Bishop Hill Community Fire Department 2004
Patrick O'Conner Chicago Fire Department 1903
Richard Perott Monmouth Fire Department 1868
Edward Rice McLeansboro Fire Department 1950
William H. Roughton Urbana Fire Department 1916
Walter Rubin Chicago Fire Department 1934
Joseph Schott Chicago Fire Department 1929
Clarence Sredzinski Chicago Fire Department 1960
Lawrence Thornburg Aroma Fire Protection District 1958
Alan Toepke U.S. Forest Service 2004
Stephen Warner Chicago Fire Department 1859
Clifford Wyles Peoria Fire Department 1910


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