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The Illinois Fire Service Institute has established a special fund to support the Ag Rescue Training Program. With support from businesses, organizations and corporations, the Ag Rescue Program can be sustained and expanded to meet the growing needs for training in rural areas and farming communities. Access to more training on modern equipment and new information on farm hazard issues will assure that firefighters will be better prepared.

The need for agricultural rescue training

Modern agriculture and farming methods means more mechanization, more on-farm grain storage and more opportunities for people and machinery to clash. Between 1986 and 2010 there were more than 800 farm-related deaths in Illinois, with nearly half of those involving tractors. But, because the farm environment is so diversified, hazards are varied and not limited to tractors. Life-changing accidents also occur on the farm and in rural areas. Quick and skilled response by firefighters can help reduce deaths and minimize injuries.

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Meeting the needs of rural communities

The Illinois Fire Service Institute recognizes the need to provide firefighters and other first responders with the specialized knowledge to be effective in rural settings. It is especially important since nearly three-fourths of all Illinois firefighters are volunteers that work with part-time fire departments and fire protection districts.

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