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Sep 8/20

Thank you for your interest in the Firefighter Stress Study. Due to the immense response to our r...

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IFSI Research provides state-of-the-art facilities for developing practical solutions to the problems and perils faced by emergency responders.

IFSI enjoys unique advantages from the close proximity of our laboratories to the live testing environments. Researchers have immediate access to equipment and human participants and can quickly measure interactions in the lab. The Center also includes on-site fire and heat chambers that are invaluable in our studies on heat stress.

IFSI's research efforts focus on studies that have a direct impact on firefighters' work, health and safety. Our investigations look closely at biomechanics, physiology and other elements, with research looking at three major components.

Latest Projects

Cardiovascular and Chemical Exposures during Fire Training Scenarios

In recent years, the Fire Service has become more aware of the cardiovascular and chemical exposure risks apparent on the fireground.  However, it is also important to study conditions and exp...

Protection from Chemical, Thermal, and Cardiovascular Risks: Impact of PPE Laundering and Hood Design

The US fire service has taken important steps to better protect firefighters through improvements in personal protective equipment (PPE) and taking more active steps to clean PPE after fires. Howev...

New Basis for Evaluation Heat Strain of Firefighting Gear- North Carolina State lead

NC State University Textile Protection And Comfort Center (TPACC) is leading this study with collaborators from IFSI Research and F.I.E.R.O. (Fire Industry Education Resource Organization) to devel...

Participants Wanted

Test subjects are a vital part of IFSI's research program. We need help from firefighters and the public to help us simulate real-life situations for a wide range of studies.

Your assistance in our investigations is appreciated and will sometimes be compensated.

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