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Down and Dirty Training Packages

The "Down and Dirty" skills packages are multimedia training sets developed by the Illinois Fire Service Institute in partnership with the Illinois Firefighter's Association. These packages provide local instructors the multimedia materials necessary to conduct training in their home fire departments. They can also be used by individual firefighters.

The current packages were designed as CD-Rom software to be played on a firehouse computer, except for Fireground Support and Aerial Operations which was designed to be viewed as a DVD movie.

Fires on the Farm

This package deals with fires and emergencies in agricultural situations.

Fireground Support and Aerial Operations

This package is the first to be delivered entirely on DVD and is divided into two parts. Part one is devoted to Fireground Support and the other covers Aerial Operations

Rural Water and Tender Operations

The third CD package is a follow-up to the second CD package this time focusing on the apparatus used typically in rural departments.

Fire Fighting Skills

This first CD package focuses on the basic skills necessary to be a firefighter

Engine and Pump Operations

The second CD in the series emphasizes the different types of pumping apparatus used by most fire departments.

This package may be downloaded for free inside of the IFSI Resource Center.

If you need to request a copy of these CD's please contact us at: (800) 437-5819
There will be a $35 charge for each package except Fireground Support and Aerial Operations, which is $50, to cover labor and material costs. Every fire department in Illinois was provided a free copy of each product.

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